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The Refinancing Boom Goes On As Rates Remain Low

Homeowners often save hundreds of dollars a month by refinancing at today’s record-low rates, and a new fee that kicks in on Dec. 1 won’t make a big difference.

NAR: 5 Business Policy Issues to Watch for in 2021

NAR’s Business Issues Policy Committee narrowed down concerns to a “top 5” for 2021. At the top of the list is to protect a Realtor’s independent contractor status, followed by education on money-laundering efforts, real estate fraud and industry COVID-19 relief efforts.

4 Yard Updates That Boost Curb Appeal

Pre-pandemic, a great home interior might override an iffy front yard – but today, many buyers won’t even risk an in-person tour if they don’t like the outside.

NAR Adds 2 New Global Partners for a Total of 107

NAR’s global network extends to 87 countries. New to the list: The Association of Estate Agents in Nigeria and Association of Real Estate Agents of Trinidad and Tobago.

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